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Droneria Emiliana: riprese e fotografie aeree con drone Reggio Emilia

Droneria Emiliana:

Aerial photography with drones 

Authorised Operator in “Critical Scenarios”

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What ?

Until recently, aerial photography was a privilege of wealthy productions that could afford a helicopter. Drones are revolutionizing aerial photography, making it available to nearly everyone.

Whether it is a commercial project or a private function, we ensure the highest quality from high overhead:

  • Eye-catching corporate videos

  • Breathtaking wedding photographs

  • Impressive property images for your estate agency

  • Unique footage for film, documentary, and television productions

  • Accurate, effective, risk-free inspections of unsafe buildings, solar panels, roofs and green space


Producing beautiful, compelling aerial images and video is not just about having the right drone. It is the human factor that really makes the difference. This is why "Droneria Emiliana" offers a team of two skilled professionals for every shoot: Massimo Tabai, our drone pilot, and Alessandro Vezzani , our photographer / videographer.


Every European country currently has its own regulations for drone operation. Without a comprehensive European policy on drone operation, it can be difficult to work in a foreign country. We offer our services to all foreign productions that need a drone with a certified pilot to work in accordance with Italian laws. Here you can find information about the Italian Regulations, and how to convert your national drone licence to an Italian one.

Droneria Emiliana: riprese e fotografie aeree con drone Reggio Emilia

Aerial Video

We use one of the best drones on the market: the DJI Inspire 1 V2 with an X5 RAW camera. We can produce a high-quality 4K RAW file, which is especially suitable in post-production. If you would like to see examples of our work, please contact us. We would be happy to send you a link to one of our video files.

Aerial Photography

Morbidrone 1.0 is our custom drone, handmade by Massimo Tabai. The flight controller “Pixhawk” and the ground control software “Mission Planner” make this drone perfect for topography and cartography.


We make inspections of unsafe buildings, solar panels, roofs and green areas. Drones are the best option if you want to evaluate the state of a building without any risk.



Massimo Tabai
Droneria Emiliana: riprese e fotografie aeree con drone Reggio Emilia

Massimo Tabai: Pilot

(Authorised operator for critical operations in standard scenery S2)

My first love was sound. In 2002, I started my career as a sound technician in Italy, where I worked with many famous artists, until 2011, when I started touring internationally with Cirque du Soleil. During one of Cirque's North American tours I had the chance to see one of these amazing flying machines for the first time. I immediately decided that building and piloting drones would be my next job. Very soon I started building my first quad. Fascinated by the “open source” world, I started working on Ardupilot-based flying controllers. After one year of hard work my drone was ready to fly. I attended the whole training requested by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) for drone pilots and after a few months I got ENAC authorization for critical operations. Since then I always conformed to the last ENAC regulation and I added to my organization a brand new Inspire RAW.


Alessandro Vezzani
Droneria Emiliana: riprese e fotografie aeree con drone Reggio Emilia


Alessandro Vezzani: 

Director of Photography/Cameraman


After some experiences in photography, first at University and then as assistant photographer, I fell in love with cinema. I landed almost by chance at the Experimental Cinematography Centre in Rome, where in 2005 I got a degree in photography. Since then I started my career: I worked as a video operator and second cameraman assistant in several Italian productions. At the same time I kept working on photography, especially Polaroid which still keeps me busy. During the last few years I've been working as a photography director in short films, stop motion animations, corporate video and TV series (especially for the Italian channel Sky Arte). Last but not least I started playing with flying cameras, so here I am: ready to bring my background into aerial filming.

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